About Us

The March For Equity movement was founded in New Jersey in response to the urgent need for social equity in our country and around the world. Brett Melius and Shana Melius of GreenLit Seed Co./Preserve Our Legacy, Inc., took action after endless discussions about the lack of diversity and social equity within the cannabis industry. In order to raise more awareness of how individuals, especially minorities, can create financial wealth through real estate, economic business, and education about those affected by the War on Drugs, as well as how more business opportunities should be provided for them.

March for Equity

Our Mission

We strive to increase inclusion and diversity in various industries around the world by creating more equal opportunities

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish true social equity through education and awareness of disparities within various industries to give individuals the tools and resources they need to achieve economic success.

Our Goal

Our goal is to inspire individuals towards real social change by creating an environment where everyone can thrive. With your help, we’ll create sustainable solutions that will bring about real transformation in our society so that future generations can benefit from greater equity.

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